The Interior

Restored for Comfort

We “restored” this car to be enjoyed. Most everything was in excellent shape, save a little cleanup work. The seats and carpeting, though, needed some TLC and the upholstery and carpeting was replaced in their original color scheme.

Back window storage

Behind the seats, there is room to stash the back window and t-tops.

All original dash

All as it came from the factory. Built as a street legal race car, it’s not big on frills, but did come with a cassette deck! We’ll throw in an “Awesome Mix Tape” with your Corvette purchase. Other factory options included power steering, power windows and tilt/tele steering.

Listed in the Corvette C3 registry

According to the registry, this was the very last car produced in November 1970, and only one of two LT-1s with this paint/interior color.