The Corvette: America’s Sports Car.


Sleek curves, a throaty engine and style that turns heads. The 1971 Corvette Stingray has it all. This Brand’s Hatch green LT-1 is a unique beauty–one of two produced in this stunning color combination. Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to own a piece of America’s iconic sports car history.

Raw Muscle Car Power

This car was built for racing. The light body and special high performance LT1 engine pumped 330 horsepower to create a beast built for speed. You can feel it every time you push the gas pedal.

A topless ride

The third generation of Corvettes introduced an option perfect for those that wanted ALL the wind blowing through their hair, but without the disadvantages of a convertible: the T-top. Stow the back glass and roof panels right inside the vehicle and you’ve got an even better way to enjoy a sunny day.

Pure old Corvette style – that you won’t feel bad about driving, but can still show.

This green beauty has all the things you love about the way old ‘Vettes look and sound. While a gorgeous ride, it’s definitely meant to be out driven and showed off, not stashed untouched in a showroom. You’ll still turn plenty of heads at local car shows!

Almost a “Survivor”

We treated this Corvette to $15k of mechanical work and refurbishing of the seats and carpeting (they were in rough shape.) The car could almost be in the “survivor” category at weekend car shows–everything on it is as it came from the factory, save one paint job in the last 50 years.

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51 years old with 65,000 original miles, asking $52,000.

The Exterior

The Interior

Features of the 1971 Corvette

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